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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

In Response, to the COVID-19 pandemic, artist Britoni Burdett designed a NEW and IMPROVED, {LOVE} INFUSED virus, also known as {LOVE}CELL-20.

On Monday, April 13, 2020, best friends Britoni Burdett and Brooke McMahan launched THE{LOVE}CELL, a dedicated space online to unite the world one {LOVE}CELL at a time.

#myLOVEcell | Hand-Painted by Britoni B

“Together, let’s spread positivity, LOVE and help brighten the days for healthcare workers, seniors, patients and people within our communities, while also giving children, young adults, adults and seniors the opportunity to create with a sense of connection to the world in a positive way” states Britoni Burdett, Artist, Reiki Master, Founder & Spirit Keeper at the{LOVE}cell.

When Britoni, living in Denver, North Carolina, was first introduced to the image of the Coronavirus, she immediately envisioned hearts at the end of each tentacle of the cell.

During a restless nights sleep, on March 20, 2020, Britoni felt called to sketch her vision; while holding an intention to send LOVE out to the world.

After several weeks of brainstorming, sharing her contagious creation with friends and changing the name of the LOVE infused virus cell what seemed like a million times, Britoni received a call from Brooke as she exclaimed, I got it!!... {LOVE}CELL-20, #myLOVEcell

“I had just gotten home from my 3 week honeymoon in Bali, when Britoni shared her sketch with me. That venture home is a whole other journey in itself...but after seeing what the other side of the world was about to be up against, my heart sank. The only thing keeping a smile on the locals faces was not just faith, but LOVE. LOVE for their family, LOVE for their country and LOVE for their culture. My last few days there, I interviewed 2 natives to Bali who worked at a Marriott hotel chain, and the LOVE they had in their eyes and hearts was undeniable. I thought, this {LOVE}CELL is something the whole world needs for themselves and to help feel more connected to each other!” - Brooke McMahan, Realtor, Psychology Student and Co-Founder of the{LOVE}cell.

“I feel overjoyed to have partnered with my bestie, as we embark on a new journey together, with a heart-centered intention, to share and spread LOVE! Within a week of naming the design, I created a logo, built the website, designed a downloadable template, filed a copyright with the USPTO, worked closely with Brooke to develop an early childhood educational program, scheduled calls with teachers, administrators, counselors and therapists throughout the country and the rest is history!” - Britoni Burdett

{LOVE}CELL-20 embodies a fun yet educational and therapeutic way to connect with families, our local and distant communities, students and therapy patients in a creative and unique format. By sharing your beautifully colored, healthy {LOVE}CELL, it is your way to connect with LOVE, a smile and inspire joy from your heart to the world, while social distancing keeps us apart.

It’s as simple as 1… 2… 3… (and it’s FREE!) ~ DOWNLOAD. DESIGN. DEDICATE.

To spread LOVE, people of all ages, around the world are encouraged to download the #myLOVEcell template at, bring your {LOVE}CELL to life with color and dedicate it to a person, place, group or to whatever your heart desires.


“As a child survivor in losing my father to mental illness, I also felt the toll this 'stay-at-home' time could take on everyone's mental health. Humans need love, to feel loved, to give love and to exercise using that part of the brain that sparks creativity to counteract depression. Putting this into the hands of teachers and counselors to share with children, young adults and their families became my focus and our first initiative!” - Brooke McMahan

Today, the{LOVE}cell is being shared in over 8 states and 14 schools and we are adding more every day! We worked with some of the schools in uniquely crafting lesson plans around a number of topic; such as, what it means to healthy cells, mental health, science, math, writing, art, the art of giving, just to name a few…

Our main focus with the{LOVE}cell is to spread awareness and create support around the Mental Illness Crisis, that our world is up against. With Britoni being a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor and Brooke learning to navigate life while cooping after her father took his own life, the rising issues around Mental Health is a cause both girls hold a special place in their hearts for, can speak towards and believe the{LOVE}CELL to be a unique platform that can help create a positive change in many lives, families and homes.

“There is strength in creativity that helps balance out our mindset. The platform the{LOVE}cell provides is something, I believe will help, people of all ages, move through their fears, fear of the future, fear of their health, fear of losing loved ones, in a different way. The{LOVE}cell is a controlled activity that helps provide mental stability and helps show us, individually, that we have and can be in control of our own health: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It’s really a powerful tool, when you think about it” reveals Brook McMahan.

“Creating of any form… creating art, creating dance, creating music, creating stories is what creates the genuine, the authentic, the real connection with ourselves and others around us. My hope for you, is that the{LOVE}cell inspires you to create something new today, opens a channel into your heart and into your mind and allows you to live a life with purpose, joy and LOVE.” - Britoni Burdett

If you are a teacher, parent or counselor and would like to invite the{LOVE}cell into your school, please email


“We created a Facebook Page, called The LOVE Cell with the intention to hold a SAFE space for the world to come together, share stories, journeys, struggles and help uplift one another from afar. The{LOVE}cell is not just a template to color, but it's someone's expression of love dedicated to another with a unique story fueling their dedication. This is how we unite…we'd love to hear your stories and see your pictures as you share your {LOVE}CELL with the world!

Please join us on social media, facebook & instagram, @thelovecell and #myLOVEcell” - Britoni Burdett.


While Britoni and Brooke have so many ideas and visions for the{LOVE}cell, they are equally as excited for it to take on a life of its own. With humbled hearts, the girls both would LOVE nothing more than for the{LOVE}cell to make an impact around the world and inspire others to live a heart-centered life based on LOVE not fear.

“Ultimately, we want the{LOVE}cell to grow into whatever it is meant to be and do whatever it came into this world to do. The possibilities and opportunities are endless!” - Britoni Burdett

To date, the{LOVE}cell template has been downloaded all over the United States and in Bali, the UK and Brazil. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see over 5 million {LOVE}CELL’s colored around the world? “As an artist, I think it would be super cool to partner with mural artists throughout the United States and in other countries to paint the{LOVE}cell around their communities… on the side of buildings, sidewalks, windows, etc.” - Britoni Burdett

LOVE is the most powerful energy of all and it can create miracles in our lives. When we emanate LOVE in the midst of a difficult situation, we activate the most powerful energy in the Universe, which will, in time, turn the negative experience into a positive one!

“People never forget the way you make them, make them feel LOVE! And with LOVE alone, we can change the world.

It fills my heart with joy to imagine that anytime someone experiences a {LOVE}cell, it becomes a keepsake, a gift, and a little reminder that all the LOVE we need, is within each of us,” lovingly expressed by Britoni Burdett.

To download the #myLOVEcell template, visit:

For additional information, please email

If you are a teacher, parent or counselor and would like to invite the{LOVE}cell into your school, please email

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