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Artist  |   Reiki Master   |   Founder

When we allow ourselves to create for the hell of it, all of our “problems” are magically solved. Creating embodied expressions of limitless {LOVE} through art, dance, music and story is what creates the authentic connection with ourselves and others. 

After a near death experience and while healing from a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, Britoni intuitively tapped into her inner artist. Learning over a decade later, the massive impact art has made in her creative healing and remarkable recovery process.   

Today, Britoni invites you to CRE{ART} from your HE{ART}. 

Britoni safely holds a dream to inspire your inner flame to SHINE so bright that you sparkle, from the inside out; whilst rippling {LOVE}, for yourself and others, out into the world. 

And this, my friend, is when you know you are experiencing Post-Traumatic Growth!      

Call on Britoni B when you want to create your own world of happiness.

Brooke Boxberger McMahan the LOVE cell S


Realtor  |   Psychology Student   |   Co-Founder

“As a child survivor in losing my father to mental illness, I also felt the toll this 'stay-at-home' time could take on everyone's mental health. 


Humans need love, to feel loved, to give love and to exercise using that part of the brain that sparks creativity to counteract depression. 


Putting this into the hands of teachers and counselors to share with children, young adults and their families became my focus and our first initiative!”

- Brooke McMahan 

the LOVE cell Healthcare Heroes  |  Piedmont Hospital

LOVE is the most powerful energy of all and it can create miracles in our lives. 

When we emanate LOVE in the midst of a difficult situation, we activate the most powerful energy in the Universe, which will, in time, turn the negative experience into a positive one!

“People never forget the way you make them, make them feel LOVE!  And with LOVE alone, we can change the world.  

It fills my heart with joy to imagine that anytime someone experiences a {LOVE}cell, it becomes a keepsake, a gift, and a little reminder that all the LOVE we need, is within each of us.”  - Britoni

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